Morris filter rengörning, används till foam filter oljan. Foam Filter Cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning motorcycle foam filters. It is a ready for use, blue coloured emulsifiable fluid, blended from hydrocarbon solvents and a non-ionic detergent. The powerful degreasing action splits the bond between trapped dirt and oily matter, allowing the filter to be washed thoroughly clean with water. Foam Filter Cleaner is non-caustic and will not corrode metal parts. Additionally, it washes away cleanly without leaving any harmful or corrosive residues in the filter that could damage engines.   Features  
  • Highly effective cleaning action
  • Easy to remove with water
  • Non-caustic
  • Safe on metal parts
  Applications Recommended for cleaning of all foam type filters, particularly those that become heavily soiled and need frequent cleaning. Highly recommended for filters on grass-track, motocross bikes and all “off highway” machinery such as compressors and mowers. It is also very effective for the removal of oil grease and dirt from metal, paintwork and concrete. Typical uses include cleaning used engines prior to overhaul, removing build up on pipes and steelwork, cleaning concrete and brickwork. Many uses can be found in workshops and yards where oil and grease build up is a problem, or perhaps even dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians.
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Morris foam filter cleaner

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